How Healthies Handle the Holidays

How Healthies Handle the Holidays

Thanksgiving Day is upon us, that joyous binge day when we let our guard down and loosen our belts to make room for a years worth of deprivation-because Hell, its only ONE day and everyone eles is doing it!


Except it isnt just ONE day. Goodies keep appearing on a daily basis at work (because clients LOVE to send chocolates and cakes and cookies as gifts) in stores, and somehow in my fridge….And then theres all those get togethers and parties with the all-you-can-eat-sugary-fat-storing buffets, which is just a warm up for the dessert piled high table. At least I think there is a table under there….


Thanksgiving is actually the START of an entire season of binging and buldging where your powers of restraint are tested every day for nearly 6 weeks, cause you have decided the new year will fix this unstopable gorge fest.


I started to wonder…what do all those health and fitness experts do to stay so fit and healthy during the holidays? But for real!!! I want an “on the day of”” tip!


So I decided to just ask them!

Here is what I found:

Up first Coco and Jose. Coco is a gluten free, sometimes vegan, sometimes Paleo Baker, Jose is an amazing chef!