Me Monday

Ah Monday, so mis understood, so mis liked. The most loathed of days because it means the weekend is over and you have yet another week of deadlines, work, and more work.

Stop counting your hours away!

“Mon” in French: Mine

Take back your Monday! Its like your New Years day every week.  Believe it or not, Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week, so start it off with a bang;rested, focused and full of energy!


1. Calendar your week: work, social, you time

2. Lemon water first thing in the morning

3. MAKE SURE you have one thing you look forward to on MONDAY:

-make a lunch date at work

-treat yourself to your favorite nutritious dinner

– movie night with you

– special outing

– massage

– dance class

– an amazing workout with your bestie or just you!

Schedule something on Monday that you look forward to the whole weekend!

What is you treat? Leave your treats in the comments below!