Pill Popping Pumpkins

Pill Popping Pumpkins


HELP!!! I am surrounded by pumpkins and sick people!!

I’m shopping  in the produce section and to my right- giant golden pumpkins, to my left-a sniffling cart pusher.

Now I’m at CVS bombarded by pumpkins posed as Halloween decorations, and I just dodged a cough bomb from the middle-aged, bite-size Snicker buyer..

Make it stop!!

Why?! Why every year like clock work do people turn into germ- infested pumpkin carvers? There has to be a rhyme and a reason.


And then…

It all makes sense! l can see all the pieces of colds, flus and pumpkin patches coming together to solve this universal seasonal mystery…. I have clearly been watching too much “Sherlock” on PBS.

The same time the humane bodies immune system goes down trying to adjust to change of weather and the back to school/work schedule, nature gives us the cure: Pumpkins! The great orange immunity- boosting medicine.

Yep, heres how:

Pumpkins are full of powerful antioxidants such as:
Vitamin A: Strong skin, eyes, and fights infections
Vitamin E: immunes booster, protects your cells from damage and even fights off cancer
Vitamin C: huge in beating colds by protecting your cells against the invasion of virusus
Iron: 100 g is 71% iron= iron immune system
Zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus

Pumpkins are high in B vitamins which boost your metabolism and mood. And lets not forget Trytophan which creates serotonin in the brain to put you in a merry mood.

  Studies show the happy you are, the happier your immune system is, making you less susceptible to illness. I’m thinking during the holidays, with nosy neighbors and relentless relatives, I will be so high after the B boost from the pumpkin pie, the standard irritating comments on my attire and  lack of husband wont bother me at all!!

Ok, I cant pop a pumpkin like a pill when I’m sick, so what do I do?


Thats the best part! Scoop the insides out and puree it into a soup,  or bake into muffins, pies and breads. Toast those seeds with some cinnamon salt and honey for a protein packed snack instead of processed candy and pop corn!


Next time you feel that tickle in the back of your throat or your nose start to run- grab a pumpkin, carve a freaky face on it, and eat the insides!!

Hannibal Lecter?….