Why is Kale the #1 Health Food?!!

Why is Kale the #1 Health Food?!!



Ok, every time people break into healthy-diet small talk, whether it’s “vegan all the way,” “raw is better,” or just generally about losing weight and eating pure, kale is always the first food mentioned. It’s as if everyone wants to immediately prove, “I got this, I got kale,” talking about transforming and cleaning up those eating habits.

Mention kale, and you are instantly “in-the-know” with the health & fitness buffs.  And yes, I’m talking about you Mr. Superfitandhot, with your rock-star hair, glowing skin and ginormous green juice.


It’s bitter and tough to eat, and I have no idea HOW to eat it? And why is it the best thing ever for me?!  Ok, maybe I just want that guy’s skin and body … wait, I mean I want a fit body, not his actual body … hmmmm.

Instead of just going with the flow of my superfood friends, and trying to impress my Kale Juice Greek GOD, I took time to find out what kale can give me that no other veggies, fruit, or burger can.

Can it be a part of my life, no hassle? Is it possible it could even taste amazing?!

Here’s what I found out: